Luke Perry’s death has dropped like an anvil from the sky for Generation X.

It is the first true sign that, no, we the children of the ‘90s are not invincible and — gulp — not so young anymore.There is irony in that epiphany. The former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star was a mere 52 years old when he died. The father of two certainly had much more to accomplish, but what’s sobering for the 40-somethings who grew up watching him as teen heartthrob Dylan McKay is, not only are we faced with the loss of someone we revered, he died from something that sounds so, well, grown up.

This was no car accident, drug overdose or freak accident, all of which are also tragic. By all accounts, Perry was a regular guy and his death stemmed from something medical that can happen to any of us, but surely would evade us, because these kinds of things don’t happen to us, do they? No, they happen to people our parents’ ages or our grandparents’ ages. We are immune to health scares because we are still young, forever teenagers.

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