Anyone who reads what I write — and I hope that includes you, dear reader! — knows that I think Harris is a top-tier candidate for the nomination because of her base of support in California, her profile as a black and biracial woman, her liberal voting record and her charisma. (Harry Entenand I have Harris at No. 1 on our most recent ranking of the 2020 field.)
But now that she’s officially running, it’s worth looking at the path Harris needs to follow to be the nominee. What states does she need to win? What states can she afford to lose?
Harris’ travel schedule this week tells you a lot about how she will approach that first month of votes.
She will make her first official stop as a candidate in South Carolina on Friday — before heading to her hometown of Oakland, California, to deliver a formal announcement speech over the weekend.
The South Carolina electorate seems ready-made for Harris as, historically, African-American voters cast more than half of all votes in Democratic presidential primaries in the state. Then-Sen. Barack Obama scored a crushing victory over Hillary Clinton in South Carolina in 2008.