Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren issued an aggressive climate change plan on Tuesday that echoed the Green New Deal, calling for spending $3 trillion under a 10-year plan to move the U.S. to 100 percent clean energy, spur economic development with a raft of new jobs and protect poor communities dependent on fossil fuels.

Warren’s plan praises the proposals pushed by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who had built his presidential campaign around climate change but dropped out of the race last month after failing to attract national support. Her proposal lands the same day as a CNN town hall where ten leading Democratic contenders, including Warren, will describe their plans for combating the problem.

Warren’s plan joins her Green Manufacturing plan, land use plan, green military plan and her Green Apollo clean energy research plan, as part of a multi-pronged approach to climate change. It would target eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, vehicles and the electric grid while creating millions of new jobs in manufacturing and clean energy.

Among the goals set out in Warren’s plan are: 100 percent zero-carbon pollution from new commercial and residential buildings by 2028; 100 percent zero emissions standards for all new cars, buses and light- and medium-duty trucks by 2030; and 100 percent zero-emission energy in electric generation by 2035.

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