When the trailer for Friday’s “Rambo: Last Blood” dropped, doubters predictably began sharpening their knives for its now-73-year-old star.

What was the plot for this fifth installment, they wondered on social media? Sylvester Stallone yells at clouds and tells youngsters to get off his lawn?

Comedian Alice Taylor-Matthews suggested the movie’s tag line should be “Revenge is a dish best served old.”“Go eat some pudding!” another hater ordered Stallone.

The joke, however, might be on them. As easy as it is to make cracks about a star’s age, the current “geri-action” boom that has been Rascal-ing along for a few years shows little sign of abating.

The reality is Sly, Arnold Schwarzenegger (72), Dolph Lundgren (61) and other members of the action A-list continue to get work long after the Josh Hartnetts and Taylor Lautners of Hollywood have been blown away by a stiff breeze.

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