The movie, based on the video game of the same name, revolves around Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds), who’s teamed up with the only human person who can understand him (Justice Smith as the character Tim Goodman) to solve crimes.

All right, the plot sounds innocuous enough. But unlike the classic animated 2D versions of “Pokemon,” this movie is live action, filled with realistic-looking CGI creatures ― some of which are the brain children of the designers who put together those “real” Pokémon lists.

And those realistic creatures are freaking people the heck out.There’s no denying it. “People are freaked out by Mr. Mime,” and “Furry Jigglypuff” has certainly garnered “mixed reviews.” But why?

HuffPost reached out to a number of experts in psychology and design to get to the bottom of our collective chills, and some of their answers were more onix-pected than others. Here are a few reasons realistic Pokémon feel like waking nightmares:

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