Details first: Disney has finally revealed that its long-discussed Netflix-rival streaming service, Disney+, will launch November 12. For a scant $6.99 a month it will provide you with almost the entire Disneyome, a corpus of hundreds of movies (all of Disney, most of Marvel with more to come, almost all of Pixar, all of Star Wars, lots of Fox—which Disney recently bought) and even more hundreds of TV shows (Disney Channel stuff, National Geographic stuff, and new originals from those subgroups I just mentioned, The Simpsons).

Candidly, if you live in a house with children, I don’t know how you avoid buying this. At my place, the kids and I will be slurping down The Mandalorian, set in the Star Wars universe and a co-joint of Iron Man and Lion King director Jon Favreau with longtime Star Wars cartoon ace Dave Filoni. We’re also going to be there for the new season of Filoni’s Clone Wars. But Disney’s corporate domination of family entertainment makes this into a black hole from which no human child can escape. (Hey, come to think of it, I didn’t see The Black Hole on the list of Disney movies from the back catalog. The Trons were there, though.) It is All the Disney Things, All of Them.

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