Lionsgate dropped that Hellboy trailer a day earlier than anticipated, so I’m a little slow on the draw here. On the plus side, even as someone who has been… cynical about the notion of rebooting Hellboy, this is a very promising trailer. Granted, it doesn’t feel that different, tonally-speaking, from Guillermo del Toro’s two pictures. Yes, there is R-rated blood and gore on display, but otherwise, this looks (in terms of violence) like Hellboy II: The Golden Army with the squibs added in post-production.

Granted, if this Neil Marshall-directed fantasy ends up anywhere near as good as that second Hellboy flick (one of the great comic book superhero sequels of all time, natch), then Millenium will have every reason to celebrate. At a glance, this allegedly cheaper (closer in budget to John Wick 2 than Hellboy II) still looks to have all of the requisite special effects and fantastical production values. That’s how it should be in an era when something like I, Frankenstein can deliver what once would be have been almost Weta-worthy effects for around $60m.

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