If we’re living in a land of remakes, why not “Fatal Attraction”?Glenn Close is down for an update on her epic psychological thriller – but only if the film’s scandalous narrative on adultery flipped to the female gaze.

“What I think would be interesting is to literally tell the exact story but from her point of view. Because she’s become a tragic figure,” Close told USA TODAY on Tuesday. And this time, she’d like to bring mental health into the narrative.

“Fatal Attraction” famously depicted Close as a woman who becomes obsessed with a married man (Michael Douglas) following the couple’s steamy weekend affair. After the bunny was boiled, so to speak, the film went on to earn six Oscar nominations, including best picture.

Close, 71, has broached the topic of remaking her now-classic film before. “We approached Paramount to see where it was, because they own everything. My understanding was that they were thinking of a kind of series of different “Fatal Attractions.” And I thought, ‘Oh, no.’”

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