The latest patch for Fortnite is here and despite fan outcry it doesn’t revert the health on elimination changes that Epic made in patch v8.20. Instead, this patch is more focused on addition of respawning to the game, as we as a few minor balance changes.

As of patch v8.30 players will be able to bring back fallen squadmates by grabbing their Reboot Card, which drops after they die. Bring those cards to a Reboot Van and your squadmate will return to the action in no time. Once your ally is back safe and sound, they’ll need to find loot; they only spawn with a common pistol, 100 health, 36 light ammo, and 100 wood.

Along with the lack of a revert, another change that’s conspicuously absent from this patch is a nerf to the Baller vehicle. Back in patch v8.20, Epic notified players that a Baller nerf was on its way and set to arrive in patch v8.30. However, now that the patch is here, there’s hardly any mention of the Baller at all — outside of one bug fix.

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