George H.W. Bush was remembered Sunday as aloving father who reached out to his son during a time of national mourning, a vanquished political opponent who accepted defeat with grace and a commander-in-chief whose time in the White House was marked by poise and dignity.

His eldest son, fellow former GOP President George W. Bush, as well as Democratic ex-presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, explained what the late statesmen did to earn their respect and what he meant to them during a special segment of “60 Minutes.”

“The mission was not George H.W. Bush, the mission was: how do we serve the United States?” Bush said of his 94-year-old father who died Friday. “Dad taught me this. And therefore one of the jobs is to strengthen the institution of the presidency, bring honor to the office. And … clearly George H.W. Bush did that.”

In the candid sit-down with Norah O’Donnell, Bush recalled how his father was at his side during one of his most trying days in office — when he eulogized 9/11 victims during a ceremony at the National Cathedral in Washington — where services will be held Wednesday for his father.

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