At the movies, 2018 was the year of Black Panther, the year of more Incredibles and Avengers, more Star Wars and Mission: Impossible. But it was also the year of intimate stories of youth and love. It was the year of period pieces and fantasies, crushing tragedies and raucous comedies. Bob Mondello, Linda Holmes and Glen Weldon would never agree on a single list of best movies of the year. But here are 15 of the movies we admired and will remember.

Black Panther

‘Black Panther’ Is A Superhero Story You Haven’t Seen Before — And It’s Thrilling
Director and co-writer Ryan Coogler’s Wakanda is exciting in all the conventional superhero ways, but with vibrant new textures, fabrics, rhythms to go with a leading man who, for once, is not melanin-deprived. It’s an African kingdom bypassed by colonialism — it’s a fantasy, remember — that’s filled with female warriors, Afro-futurist skyscrapers, and miraculous vibranium, which makes gold and diamonds seem not worth the digging for. Working together as families do to deal with pain that comes of real injustice, its heroes matter to audiences in ways few superhero sagas even contemplate. — Bob Mondello

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