House Democrats are ready to unleash the full force of their oversight powers on the Trump administration, a political liability for the President that will come from a newly divided government in Washington.

Now in the majority, Democrats are prepared to force Cabinet secretaries to testify, request President Donald Trump’s tax returns and scrutinize some of the Trump’s most controversial policy decisions that got little more than an eye-roll or harsh statement from Trump’s fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill.
Now that oversight will come under the hot lights of television cameras in high-octane Democratic-controlled hearings.It’s the moment Democrats have been waiting for.
“This election was about accountability,” New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, who is expected to lead the Judiciary Committee next year, told CNN.
“Donald Trump may not like hearing it, but for the first time, his administration is going to be held accountable.”The preparations for a Democratic takeover have been underway for months.One source familiar with the discussions said that “it would have been malpractice” not to be ready even as leadership encouraged members to exercise caution.
The person described rigorous planning in which key oversight teams were communicating with each other “every single day.””Winning the majority is a mandate to provide a check and balance in the form of oversight and accountability that’s been completely absent during two years of the Trump administration under Republican control of Congress,” said. Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Democrat from Virginia. “But how we do it is what will be the test.


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