Batwoman is here and she’s ready to fight. The CW has released the first trailer for Ruby Rose’s turn as the new Caped Crusader, as well as released info about when she and fellow super-heroine Nancy Drew are going to make their major debuts this fall.

In a press release, the CW announced that Ruby Rose’s solo debut in Batwoman will air on Sundays at 8 p.m., teaming it up with Supergirl.

The network released an official synopsis for the new series, which takes place three years after Batman’s mysterious disappearance—leaving behind a fabulous-looking Batsuit. We’ve also got the first trailer for the new series, which looks as badass as a bat out of hell.

The series will center around Kate Kane becoming the new Caped Crusader to protect her father (Dougray Scott) and beloved city against a series of threats, including the Wonderland Gang—whose leader, the Mad Hatter, was also featured in Gotham—and a heavily armed private security force bankrolled by Kate’s stepmother.

Here’s the synopsis:

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