It’s nice to cheer for Michael B. Jordan again.Earlier this year, the scrappy hero of 2015’s “Creed” became the highly boo-able bad guy in “Black Panther.” But the star has left super-villainy behind for the time being, and is back in the ring for “Creed II,” a worthy successor to the original “Rocky” spinoff.

If the sequel is a notch less than its astounding predecessor, that’s because — like Adonis Creed does during moments of doubt — the filmmakers are overcomplicating things.

The other dude this time around is Viktor Drago, son of Ivan (Dolph Lundgren), who killed Adonis’ dad, Apollo Creed, in the ring back in 1985’s “Rocky IV.” Adonis (Jordan) is now the World Heavyweight Champion, but despite his success, he feels a nagging void. When Viktor challenges him to a fight, Adonis sees avenging Dad’s death as a chance to fill it.

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