Each and every month, the US Census Bureau conducts at least one survey that includes a question about citizenship.In many months, there are a number of surveys with that question, which is usually tucked in toward the end, like it’s an afterthought.

And this has been going on for as long as anyone can remember.One of those surveys is the Current Population Survey (CPS), which the Census Bureau conducts monthly on behalf of the US Labor Department. The CPS is used to determine the nation’s unemployment rate, among other things.

That’s why the current heated controversy over including a citizenship question in the constitutionally mandated 2020 Decennial Census, in my opinion, is nonsense.

The Decennial Census will take place next year — as it does every 10 years — and the issue of including a citizenship question has already resulted in rebukes of the Trump administration from Democrats in Congress and threats that the matter might even have to go to the Supreme Court.

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