Borderlands 3 will squeeze every last drop of endorphin from your pituitary gland. And that’s before you reach the boss fight. I went hands-on with the latest iteration of Gearbox Software’s frenetic first-person shooter RPG at E3 on Wednesday and walked away with an epiphany: Shut down the polls, this is 2019’s game of the year.

Borderlands 3 remains true to its predecessors in terms of play style. You command one of four unique Vault Hunters, each with their own special abilities and powers, shooting and looting your way across the galaxy.

In this edition, however, you’re looking for more than hidden treasures — players must also contend with and eventually take down a dangerous cult known as the Children of the Vaults and their psychopathic twin leaders.

This is easier than it sounds given that you’re the one with the guns. Quite literally all of them. Borderlands 3 features an unconscionable amount of weaponry, 17 million unique firearms altogether.

During my demo, I fought as Amara, the Siren brawler, outfitted with a fully-automatic assault rifle and a more-powerful but single-shot hunting rifle. The aim, movement and firing controls were all tight.

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