The tagline for season four of “Billions,” out March 17, is, “Leave them with nothing.”Mission accomplished, says Denise Shull.“They’ve left me with nothing and then went out of their way to make me look bad for telling the truth,” said Shull, a NYC-based performance coach for hedge funds.

In a copyright-infringement lawsuit she filed against Showtime and the show’s creators, Shull argues the series is “an unauthorized rip-off” of her 2012 book, “Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk.”

The Dr. Wendy Rhoades character, played by Maggie Siff, is clearly based on her, Shull claims, employing the same coaching techniques she laid out during a meeting with the actress and executive producers — and now e-mails she’s exclusively shared with The Post show “Billions” execs reaching out for her help.

Shull, 59, specializes in channeling one’s instincts to make big trades. She has a history with “Billions” creator Andrew Ross Sorkin, appearing on his show “Squawk Box” in 2012.Three years later, Sorkin reached out to Shull.

“I have an unusual request,” he wrote in an Aug. 26, 2015, e-mail provided to The Post.“I’m involved in a new fictional TV drama being made for Showtime about hedge funds … Maggie, who is an extraordinary actress, recently asked me if I could introduce her to someone who works with traders in real-life. Would you be willing to meet her?”

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