Former Vice President Joe Biden. | Joshua Lott/Getty Images


11/06/2019 10:36 AM EST

Updated: 11/06/2019 02:14 PM EST

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Joe Biden on Wednesday dug in on his assertion that Elizabeth Warren is “elitist,” hoping to cast his fellow frontrunner as an Ivy League liberal out of sync with the middle class.

Biden’s comment, made in a Medium post on Tuesday and reiterated in a radio interview this morning, underscores a theme central to Biden’s candidacy: that he is the lone Democrat who can win back the white working class voters who swung the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

“If you don’t agree with Elizabeth Warren, you must somehow be not a Democrat. You must somehow be corrupt. You must somehow not be as smart as she is,” Biden said on SiriusXM’s Urban View. “It’s just something we don’t do in our party. It’s not who we are.”

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