Hundreds of passengers returning from Dubai to New York fell sick before they landed at JFK. Authorities as well as emergency medical staff were searching for answers as to the cause, but it’s quite obvious they were sickened to find out Stitches was still down over 900 dirhams. Ten people were hospitalized but all are expected to recover. Vanilla Ice, aboard the flight but unaffected by the symptoms tweeted, “THIS IS CRAZY.” Sure is, Ice, but we are doing our best to turn it around.

Limited schedule Thursday and all four games left me reaching for the air bag. Settled on Luis Castillo and the Reds. Luis struck out 11 Cardinals last week. Visiting Padres throw Eric Lauer, who came off the DL and pitched a no-hitter for five innings but was taken out after his pitch count hit 80. Taking Reds for 10 units.

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