It was another engrossing week of congressional hearings in the House impeachment inquiry as the second slate of witness testimony elicited shock and awe from politicians and the public alike. Alexander Vindman, Gordon Sondland and Fiona Hill all gave captivating testimony — but who would we most like to have seen testify that didn’t? President Donald Trump launched another real-time attack as a witness testified and says he wants a trial in the Senate if the House votes to impeach him. Is he for real? And as the public hearings phase closes, where is the impeachment effort going and how does it end?

We asked seven reporters covering the hearings and the presidency to clue us into how it all went down and what’s up ahead.

Anita Kumar, White House correspondent: Rudy. Rudy. Rudy. All roads in this saga appear to lead to Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who was initially hired to help Trump with the Russia investigation into the 2016 election but who appears to have pulled him into the Ukraine mess. Not only did witness after witness indicate Giuliani was involved, but that he was helping push the president to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. Combine that with the months — make it years — he’s been giving inconsistent and combative media interviews and there’s a lot to ask him about.

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